"Sales Call Success: Things We Discovered from Thousands of B2B Sales Conversations"

We found a great article from Sales Hacker. This article gives some great insight into what works on sales calls (and what does not). It highlights trends, ideas and gives some tips on how to achieve the highest win-rates in a sales conversation. It makes a correlation between the “Talk-to-listen” ratio, the appropriate time to discuss the price, the use of the risk-reversal language, the coaching of salespeople and win-rates.


“Insight #1: The “Talk-to-Listen Ratio”


The average B2B sales rep spends between 65–75% of a call talking, leaving only 25–35% of the call for listening.

The average back and forth dialogue between sales rep, and prospect

Sales veterans out there can give themselves a pat on the back since they intuitively know this: top salespeople spend most of their time listening rather than pitching.

 43/57 seems to be the golden ratio

In fact, increasing the prospect’s talk time from 22% to 33% significantly boosts opportunity win-rates.

 There is a direct correlation between listening time, and win-rates


Insight #2: When, and How Often, Should You Discuss Pricing?


There are two parts to this one…

First, when do we discuss pricing?

And second, how often?

The data tells us pricing should come up roughly 3–4 times during a call(preferably after value has been established).

There is a negative win-rate correlation in discussing pricing less than 3–4 times, as well as morethan 3–4x (remember: correlation does not always mean causation)

 A deal-progressing sales conversation involves pricing coming up 3–4x

When pricing is discussed too early in a call, less than 3 times, or more than 5 times, the odds of closing the deal tend to shrink.

It’s best to treat this as more of a buying signal rather than an active tactic you should tell your reps to pursue.”



To read more: https://www.saleshacker.com/sales-call-research-project/



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