CRM: More Than Just A Marketing Management Tool

In this great article from CMO, you will find some advices that will change your views and show you the full potential of CRM. Yes, it’s a fact : adopting a CRM platform provides tangibles results and car be used to optimize your company’s interactions with your clients and your prospects.


“Customer relationship management (CRM) offers benefits across a range of business activities, including opportunity and performance management and sales forecasting. When used effectively, these initiatives can drive profitable revenue growth, which means CRM has great potential to drive impact.

Still, few companies actually receive this value from their CRM investments. Our recent survey found that sales leaders across industries--including health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing, software, and professional services--believe that substantial gaps exist in the value they get from CRM. It’s no wonder many prioritize improving sales and marketing processes and data as a means to recover from current CRM initiative mishaps.

That’s how marketing can help: to ensure process and data improvement priorities are tied to desired customer experiences and relationships. To do this effectively, marketers must not look at CRM strictly through their channel lens, but take a lead role in ensuring customers become the centerpieces of their companies’ CRM programs”.


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