"How To Make Cold Calling Fun!"

May 24, 2017

Often, cold calling is seen as a constraint … In fact, cold calling is a must for many salespeople! In this article, you will find 10 tips to increase your sales with cold calls and to make it fun: smile when talking on the phone, be positive, feel confident …

 “Well those are three words you don't often see together....


Surely it can't be possible?!

Sales people in reality will always need to cold call. It's an effective way to generate new business opportunities and even with the rise in social selling it will still have a significant place in the sales industry.

So if we have to cold call, why can't we find ways to make it more fun?

Here are my top 10 tips to make cold calling more fun (which if you do, you should increase your sales and success as well!):

  1. Create the right environment. It will be more difficult to make cold calling fun if you're in a quiet office with people watching you call! If you can have some music on in the background or have somewhere just for cold calling it will help you get in the zone without distraction.

  2. Walk the talk. If you have a wireless headset or mobile, walking around while talking has been proven to help both your cold calls and your fitness! Some companies even target how far you can walk across a day while cold calling.

  3. Smile and Dial! Smiling while talking on the phone not only makes you sound clearer and more positive, it also makes it more enjoyable. Have a sense of humor, feel like it's fun and that you're happy calling your prospect.”


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