The Surprising Secret to Sales Growth

June 2, 2017

Rules evolve and customers change their behaviour! So what are the right marketing reflexes to increase sales? We found this short article from Colin Shaw on Linkedin ( Forget Traditional sales advice and take a look!

 “ Every company has ups and downs, but what if yours has had a few quarters of disappointing revenue? You might be thinking it’s time for a big marketing investment, but where would you focus your energy?


A. On rewarding regular customers with promotions to keep them coming back.

B. On improving the customer’s experience at the time of purchase.

C. On providing comparison shoppers with rational reasons to choose your product over another one.

D. On customers who are only starting to consider making a purchase.


Most people would choose (A), and in fact that’s been the trend with brands over the past few years. But according to a recent article by global management consulting firm McKinsey&Company, (D) may actually be a better answer.


Customers aren’t as loyal as you think they are.


Traditional sales advice says that it’s easier to keep a past customer than to get a new one, and so there’s been a proliferation of customer loyalty programs over the past few years. However, McKinsey reports that fewer people are actively engaged in these programs today than in the past. And 58 percent of loyalty members don’t even use the programs they signed up for. “


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