10 Things That Will NEVER Change In Sales

June 15, 2017

We found this great article from Linkedin that discusses basic and very realistic truths about the sales landscape. The writer describes the reality of making a success of your sales career. We loved it all but especially number 4, and you?

 “The sales landscape is constantly changing. New technology, new platforms, new corporate structures and fluctuating economies make it a tough industry to keep up with. Sales strategies will evolve to reflect these changes but ultimately sales as a profession, sales as a key activity will rarely change.

Here are the 10 things that will NEVER change in sales:

1) Prospecting will always be king - Whilst the way we prospect may change, the fact that it will always be essential to sales success will never change. Whether it's cold calling, email, voicemail, message, letter, social media or combination approach, it will always be the key activity for sales professionals.

2) Those that fail to plan are planning to fail - The best sales people always recognise the need for planning. If you don't plan your days, weeks, months and years you're inadvertently planning to fail.

3) Pipeline cures everything - Every struggle in sales can be solved by investing in your pipeline and that will remain. More pipeline, more opportunities and so more potential sales.


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