9 Expert Tips For A Successful Sales Call

Successful Sales Calling are not improvised. It is undoubtedly the most trying sales method. How to hang onto your caller and unfold all your arguments? In this article from Sales Hacker you will find some simple and practical tips to be more confident and efficient!

 “Creating the right call flow is arguably one of the most important keys to successful selling. While the buyer is ultimately in control of the final outcome, a skilled (and prepared) salesperson can exercise a tremendous amount of influence during the sales call. In this article, I will provide 9 of my best sales call tips that are proven to close more deals.


A winning sales call process has 9 steps:

  1. Talk to a decision maker.

  2. Find the pain.

  3. Build value.

  4. Create urgency.

  5. Talk about what you do.

  6. Discuss opportunities

  7. Attempt to close.

  8. Handle objections.

  9. Close or set a follow-up.

Yes, These Sales Call Tips Will Really Help You Close More Deals


There’s lots of bad sales advice floating around the internet, especially on the sales call process. Jacco vanderKooij recently published a phenomenal post on why you should never blindly follow thought leaders, and how to decide who truly has an authoritative voice on a piece of subject matter.

Reason I mention this is to provide context on my background. I’m a practitioner with over 15 years of experience in sales, and I recently published a book on How to Close Transactional Sales.


That said, here’s a game plan to help you during your sales calls.


1. Make Sure You’re Talking To The Decision Maker


The first step is to make sure you’re talking to the right person. This will be the person who handles everything having to do with the product or service you’re offering.

Questions to Ask Your Prospect:

  • “Am I talking to the owner?”

  • “Are you the only decision maker?”

You don’t want to waste your time talking to somebody who’s not critical to the decision-making process.

The great thing about transactional sales is that you rarely have more than one decision maker and usually very few gatekeepers to get past.

Pro Tip for Dealing With Gatekeepers During a Sales Call:

Be friendly and provide a snippet of the pain they are likely experiencing along with some value so they know your call is important.”


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