Sports and active nutrition continued growth in Europe

June 28, 2017

In this short article from Food and Bev Media, you will find information about the sports nutrition market, a growing industry influenced by the changing landscape of sport, news trends and new consumer behavior, such as mainstream consumers that are searching to eat healthier by increasing their intake of high protein products.

 “Euromonitor International predicts that the sports nutrition market is forecast to grow at an average of 8-10% year on year by the end of 2021. In Europe, the market was worth $2.24 billion, up more than 12.3% on the previous year.

Sports nutrition continues to demonstrate significant growth, and faster than many comparable consumer health and packaged goods industries says Nick Morgan, director of Sports Integrated and joint chair of Bridge2Food’s 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit which takes place in the Netherlands from 12-14 June 2017."


“Traditionally, the heartland of bodybuilders and aesthetically driven male consumers, much of the growth is attributed to the awareness and interest amongst more ‘active’ or mainstream consumers, where high protein products in convenient formats, available in wider retail outlets is becoming the norm."


“However, as the consumer base broadens, so do the reasons for consuming products and the sports nutrition industry needs to better understand how to approach and target consumers that span performance and health-orientated goals, including those that want to gain muscle mass, improve endurance, or just eat healthier.”


"The unique format of the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit led by Morgan and Dr Adrian Hodgson, nutrition innovation consultant, will look at the exciting challenges ahead for the industry as it covers the changing landscape of the active nutrition market: where are we now and how will the industry look like in three to five years? Will it be more consolidated, will the market shift to mainstream customers and how do we ensure we are well positioned for future growth?”


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