Managing to the Demand for High Quality B2B Leads

July 5, 2017

We really appreciate this article written by John Arnold, a B2B digital marketers.  How to manage a healthy b2b marketing strategy? What are the best tools? How to choose the right data? Look at this article from Linkedin and share it!



“Delivering a steady flow of high quality leads with a limited pool of resources is a significant challenge requiring B2B marketing leaders to manage a sound strategy as well as stakeholder expectations. This article explains how I see successful marketers using strategy, technology, and data to manage to these demands.

Understanding the tradeoffs between MQL cost, quality, and quantity

Generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that turn into Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) at the top of the B2B marketing funnel requires an optimal balance between quality, quantity, and cost.

MQLs must meet the sales team’s expectations of quality in order for a large percentage of MQLs to turn into SALs. But high quality MQLs cost more to attract than lower quality MQLs, and by definition high quality MQLs aren’t as abundant as lower quality MQLs.

Maximizing either quality or quantity within a budget can be achieved with focus and prioritization of resources. But spreading limited resources between quality and quantity goals tends to result in making high-stakes tradeoffs as follows.

  • Focusing on high quantity and low cost at the expense of high quality forces the sales team to spend time qualifying high numbers of low quality leads and the SAL ratio will be low.

  • Focusing on high quality and low cost at the expense of high quantity fosters a higher SAL ratio but forces the sales team to spend time prospecting for new leads.

  • Focusing on high quality and high quantity at the expense of low cost may reduce Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) to a point where justifying the higher cost per lead fails.”  


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