The Harsh Truth About Cold Calling

July 12, 2017

Cold calling is a prospecting technique often feared by sellers.  In a previous article, we showed you how to make cold calling more fun ( This article from Linkedin can inspire you to improve your business development strategy!



“I think it's time we accept the harsh truth about cold calling, it's dying #NoMoreCalls.

First let me happily admit that cold calling is still relevant TODAY. I'm happy to admit that it's still a good sales activity right now, I'm happy to admit that even LinkedIn, the largest professionals social network, is asking their sales people to cold call, I'm happy to admit it's not dead.....yet.


I'm going to explain why cold calling is dying and what will replace it but first I want to explain why I'm able to justify this bold statement:

  1. I'm a cold calling master - I've spent years cold calling tens of thousands of people and bringing in hundreds of thousands in revenue from cold calling. I've taught hundreds of sales people how to cold call properly and continue to do so. I'm not some social selling fanatic or someone afraid to pick up the phone.

  2. I'm a millennial - Love or hate the term millennial I represent the largest percentage of the workforce today and I represent the future of both seller and buyer. Over the next 5-10 years your salesforce will change and your buyers and decision makers will change, they will mainly be millennials.

  3. I'm a social selling master - Over the last few years I have also mastered social selling using it to bring on new customers and generate big revenue. I spend a lot of time helping people understand and utilise social media to create sales and business opportunities alongside cold calling.

  4. I'm not selling cold calling training or social selling training! A lot of people who are involved in this debate are either selling cold calling training or social selling training, which makes them bias. I'm a neutral party only interested in the sales industry and it's future.”


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