2 Required Elements of an Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch ... unavoidable proof for a sales person! When you have to present your business, you must know how to promote it in limited time. You have to be concise, and explain in 30 seconds and max 1 minute why choose your product / service rather than that of a competitor. In this Linkedin article, you will find what to prepare your elevator pitch!



“A little boy rang the doorbell and asked if he could give me his elevator pitch about why I should support his basketball team.  Yes, elevator pitches are still all the rage and not about to go away. The concept probably started in Silicon Valley, which is ironic, since most of the buildings in Silicon Valley don’t have elevators. And like lots of other things that start in Silicon Valley, the concept has spread for better or worse.

An elevator pitch is a crisp and tantalizing description one can give to a potential investor or employer in the time it takes to get from the lobby to their appointed floor or vice versa. In other words, “You don’t have much time, so make it snappy, entertaining and compelling.”

Most times I am on an elevator, no one talks to anyone else. Even if anyone did talk, I don’t think the rest of the occupants want to hear a pitch. But here we are with elevator pitches coming from kindergartners about acquiring puppies; jilted boys explaining why girlfriends should take them back; authors pitching books to publishers; and complex policies reduced to Twitter blasts.

As a sometimes investor I have heard my fair share of elevator pitches, good and bad. The best elevator pitch to give to an investor will answer two questions:

  1. What is it? Is it food, software, a device, a drone or a movie?

  2. What do you want? Is it a huge idea that requires millions or is it a pet project that requires a little advice? “


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