5 Ways to Take Control of Your Sales Call

Cold calling, is undoubtedly the most trying sales method. However it is fast, efficient and convenient! This article from HubSpot is of great interest to enrich your method with a few very simple tricks to remember and to put into practice.



Watching a salesperson take control of a sales call is a beautiful thing. By the time it ends, they’ve gotten the answers they need, delivered the information they wanted to, and locked in the next steps.


The prospect, meanwhile, gets to relax knowing they’re dealing with a competent, knowledgeable salesperson. Their level of trust in the process and by association, the product, skyrockets.


Everyone wins.


To run an airtight meeting, here are my five suggestions.


1) Start and end on time

One of the subtlest yet impactful ways to demonstrate your own authority: Start and end the meeting according to the schedule. This shows you have a plan and you stick with it -- and that your time is valuable.


If your prospect is running late, wait five minutes. Then say, “I have another call at [time]. Since we’ll probably take the entire [time period], let’s reschedule for [later today, X time tomorrow].”


If one of the attendees is late, but everyone else is there, say, “Let’s start the meeting. I’m recording, so [name] can catch up after.”


Of course, this requires that you’re always on time. Make sure you’re leaving yourself enough space in between calls so an overly long one doesn’t interfere with the next one.


Speaking of overly long calls: Don’t let them happen. When you’re coming close to the scheduled end, say, “We’ve got [X minutes] left on the clock. Do you have any questions I can answer before [time]?”


2) Don’t let your agenda get derailed

You prepare a great agenda. You lay it out at the top of the call. You start the first part, your prospect hits you with an off-topic question, you spend a ton of time answering it, and before you know it, you’re in the weeds with product questions and your whole agenda’s been shot.


Sound familiar?


While I wholeheartedly advocate being as helpful as possible and answering your prospect’s questions, you can’t sacrifice the call in the process. You know better than they do how this meeting should be structured and when it makes sense to discuss specific points.


If they ask a question that’ll be covered later, don’t feel obligated to answer it right then. Say, “Glad you asked. We’ll get to that in roughly [X minutes], when we talk about [topic].”


Then, answer their question at the appropriate time. Not only will the meeting stay on track, but you’ll look confident and prepared.


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