Creating an Impactful Email Experience with Rich Media

We love talking to you about cold calls but do you know how to create an impactful email experience ? Email remains today an essential tool in any good communication strategy and is too often neglected. Indeed, a good email can not be improvised. In this great article from SemRush, you will find few tips to make your email stand out!




Do you ever open an email and get turned off by the heavy wall of content? It is boring, isn’t it? Well, your subscribers would also be experiencing the same if you send out plain text emails. Such emails fail to engage them, thereby leading to more unsubscribes and higher churn rate.


How do you revamp your email marketing strategy to retain your subscribers and win them over to open and click through your emails? The answer is RICH MEDIA! Rich media is defined as a wide range of digital media, with dynamic motion, which makes use of enhanced sensory features such as audio, animation, and video.


According to Social Media Examiner, 37% of marketers find visual marketing to be the most important form of content for their business, after blogging.


We shall be focusing exclusively on visual media like static images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and videos as of now. So let's get started with an insightful journey on how these elements can pave new avenues for your email marketing campaigns.


Static Images in Email


Have you, at any point, thought about why we always start teaching kids through pictures and why the most successful speakers are the ones who use numerous visual aids while delivering their speech? Well, the logic is same in both the scenarios. Simply put, pictures are processed a lot faster by our brain than “words”.


Including attractive images can help you build your brand value and enhance click-through rates. However, email clients generally block the images as a default setting. It is, therefore, a possibility that users may not download the images, which means that all your efforts in creating that email campaign have gone futile.


To make sure that your hard work does not end up in the trash bin or get marked as spam, alt text and title text is a must while using images. Make sure you maintain the text to image ratio at 80:20 so that there are no deliverability issues.


How to embed images in emails?


You can embed images in emails mainly in 3 ways:


1. CID Embedded Images

Attach the image to your email and add the standard HTML image reference tag <img src= “cid=cidname”>, where CID is the Content-ID in the code. It will embed the image in the email when the email gets opened.


The Downside



It increases the length of your email and shows varying results across different email clients.


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