4 Selling Tips for Introverts

Selling requires a strong dose of persuasion, enthusiasm, energy, passion and assurance. All these points must be there to convince. It is hard to imagine a shy sickly person set out to conquer new markets. In this great article from HubSpot you will find few tips to be more confident.



I hate being called a sales guy.


Call me a business owner. Call me an entrepreneur. Call me an engineer or consultant or professional. Anything but a “sales guy.”


It’s frustrating being labeled as pushy, heavy-handed, and aggressive when heading into a meeting. Especially when none of those traits fit my personality.


But it happens. If you’re in any kind of sales position, I bet it happens to you too.


When most people think “sales guy,” they picture a pushy, overconfident, outspoken salesperson: Someone who will waltz right up to you, vigorously shake your hand, and start breaking down your barriers. Finally, exhausted from the battle, you buy whatever it is they’re selling.


I’m not that guy. And I doubt you are either.


The business owners, consultants, and engineers-turned-salespeople that I know are down to earth. They’re not comfortable forcing people to buy their products and services. It’s not in their nature to be aggressive.


But they do have to sell. Their companies and livelihoods are on the line.


So how do people like us (quiet, humble, a bit introverted) do it? How do we achieve that sales success advertised in movies like Wolf of Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross without being cutthroat and slimy? Here are four selling tips for introverts.


1) Invest in Lead Generation Tools

As an introvert, developing new leads can be difficult. Cold-calling strangers isn’t necessarily our strong suit.


Investing in a lead generation tool like HubSpot can help. At the very least, implement inbound marketing concepts to drive leads your way. This approach is much more attractive than pounding pavement to drum up business.



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