4 Sales Pitch Strategies From Experts of Persuasion

August 2, 2017

What  should  a  good  sales  pitch  contain?  We  all  know  that  crafting  a good sales pitch is not easy! It’s difficult to gather  all the elements that will allow you to support your offer vis-a-vis a customer or a prospect. In this article from HubSpot you will find simple method and some practical tips to help you to build a good sales pitch.



Whether in the courtroom or the boardroom, trial lawyers and salespeople share a desire to influence the outcome of a decision. The ability to present a persuasive case is key to your success in sales --especially as modern buyers often juggle multiple priorities and grow increasingly reluctant to change the status quo.


The following four techniques of persuasion have been road-tested in the courtroom and will give you the winning edge you need in sales.


1) Start off strong

Research suggests most jurors arrive at their verdict during or immediately after opening statements. They spend the rest of the trial selectively looking for evidence that justifies that initial decision.


Unsurprisingly, trial lawyers spend a great deal of time and energy preparing and practicing an opening statement that will grab the jury’s attention, spark interest, and lay the foundation for their full argument.


A salesperson is also making a case -- but for your product or service. Your prospect will start weighing the evidence from the moment you begin. That means you can’t afford a slow start.


Practice a strong beginning to your sales pitch. As with a good opening statement, you shouldn’t lay out your entire proposal -- that will overwhelm the buyer and make you seem overly eager. Instead, give them a preview of what they can expect.


For example:

Today we’re going to show you how a single solution can eliminate the delays and errors you’re currently experiencing in your pipeline by helping you quickly get the key information you need.


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