How to Close: The Complete List of Sales Closing Techniques

August 8, 2017

One of the  most important stages of selling is closing the deal. Closing is  for sales as the  verdict  of  the  judge  is  to  the  legal  world.  This  is  the consequence  of  the  good  conduct  of  the  previous  commercial  steps. You can see this article from HubSpot as a guide to succeed this crucial step.




You usually only get one chance to close. If you’re successful, the hard work you’ve done over the past days, weeks, or months will literally pay off.


But if you’re unsuccessful, you’ll have nothing to show for those hours.


No wonder closing is one of the most stressful parts of selling.


Since prospects, opportunities, and personal style differ so much, there isn’t a single optimal closing style. To help you find the best one for a specific deal, use this guide of TK techniques.


How to Close With Modern Closing Techniques


Adjournment Close

How it works: When you can tell your prospect isn’t ready to make a decision, give them more time to think rather than pushing for the close.


Why it works: Most buyers expect you to take the stereotypical, overly aggressive approach. Understanding it's not in their best interest to decide immediately will earn you their trust; plus, research shows the deal is usually bigger since you don’t need to resort to discounting.


What it sounds like: “I know this is probably an important decision for [company], and I don’t want to rush you. Should we schedule a call for tomorrow?”


Artisan Close

How it works: Highlight how much work, skill, thought, and/or time has been invested into the product you’re selling.


Why it works: The more difficult or labor-intensive something is to make, the more someone will value it. Intuitively, this makes sense -- but reps often forget their prospects typically don’t have the same context or product knowledge as they do.


What it sounds like: “We have 10 people whose sole job is upgrading the dashboard so it’s as easy to read as possible. That’s more than any other company in this space."



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