The 35 Signs of a True Salesperson

August 23, 2017

We found this short and funny article from HubSpot! What's  the difference between  a  salesperson  and  a  true  salesperson? This article can help you to recognize salespeople through their character, qualities, and habits... Have a look!

 Hustlers make the calls.


Hustlers aren't in the back learning growth hacking.


Hustlers aren't batching and blasting emails with just a first name change.


Hustlers love to get punched in the face, love the sting of rejection.


Hustlers yell, "Show me the money!"


Hustlers aren't bummed out when they get rejected.


Hustlers are hungry for more.


Hustlers do whatever it takes to be successful, even if that's working a six-day week.


Hustlers show up in the neighborhood and work with the executive assistant (AE) to land the meeting.


Hustlers use caffeinated soap and stay alert 24/7.


Hustlers have the Challenger DNA and won't hesitate to respectfully push back with anyone on any subject.


Hustlers chip away at the C-Level.


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