The 10 Sales Excuses That Need To STOP!

August 14, 2017

Sales  Excuses… We’ve  heard  them  all  and  you  probably  have  as  well. Often, they  are  simply  devices  used  to  justify  why  someone  can’t  or won’t  (or  didn’t)  do  something.  Sometimes  they  are  just  well  planned lies. In this article from Linkedin you will find 10 sales excuses that need to STOP!


Let's not deny that sales is a challenging job. Going out, finding new prospects and then working to turn them into customers is no easy task. There are plenty of challenges and obstacles which is why we pay and incentivize sales people so highly. The problem comes when sales people try to use or find excuses for lack of success or lack of performance.


As an often ego driven profession it can be very difficult for sales people to admit fault or defeat. The risk is that unless you can put your hands up, take accountability and learn you'll struggle to progress. By making an excuse you are just trying to justify failure and if failure becomes justifiable, why work harder to achieve success?



The other challenge comes from what is the difference between a REASON and an EXCUSE? There will absolutely be reasons for failure. There are some situations or circumstances that you absolutely can't control. The question is, can you plan for them? Do you have a plan B, C and D to hit target? 


A favourite quote of mine is...

This is, in my mind, one of the most powerful quotes a sales person can live by. To be successful in sales you can't live by finding excuses but you live by constantly finding ways to succeed. You should be finding ways to get hold of the prospect, find ways to present your solution, find ways to close the sales, find ways to get referrals etc.


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