Best 157 Sales Tools: The Complete List (2017 Update)

This article from SalesHacker can help you to choose the right tools for the right objectives. These tools are essential to enable business teams to support their discourse. Obviously, we do not use the same tools to prospect, retain customers or increase our reputation. So… Have a look and find your dream sales tools!

 It takes a lot to succeed in sales. You need empathy, grit and drive. You need to know your customers intimately. You need to resiliently bounce back from rejection. You need to know when to talk and when to shut up. And then, there were sales tools…


The human element of sales will never go away – that’s a fact. But here’s another fact. Sales is HARD! Don’t make it more difficult than it already is.


There’s no need to be doing manual tasks anymore like following up on cold emails one by one. So if technology improves your process or helps you close more deals, add it to your arsenal of sales tools and get cracking!


There’s Plenty Of Fish, (I Mean Sales Tools) In The Sea


There’s a vast ocean of sales tools in the market. The potential benefit these tools can bring to your business can be very exciting but the sheer number of choices is straight up intimidating.


Fortunately, we’ve been tinkering with many of these sales tools for quite a while. We took the time to narrow down the options (all 150+) so you can spend less time researching and more time selling.


And Yeah, It Goes Beyond CRM Software


If CRM is the only technology enabler you’re currently using, your competitors are likely leaving you in the dust.

Over the last few years, just about every aspect of selling — from lead generation to contract management — has been flipped on its head by advances in cloud technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics and process automation.


That’s why we’ve built this list – to help you improve, test, and optimize your own sales stack.


Here are some of the best sales tools to help keep your pipeline flowing, improve your team’s performance metrics, automate tedious tasks, or cause game-changing transformations in specific aspects of your sales process.


Editor’s Note: This list of sales tools is listed in no particular order, other than alphabetical. Its hierarchy does not reflect importance or value in any way, shape, or form.

    • Account-based Sales and Marketing

    • Analytics

    • Communication/Conferencing

    • Content Sharing and Management

    • Contract Lifecycle Management

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

    • Email Management

    • Lead Generation, Productivity, Prospecting

    • Performance Management

    • Sales and Market Intelligence

    • Search Engine Optimization

Account-based Sales & Marketing


1. CircleBack

You can’t be a great salesperson without having great contacts. CircleBack helps you organize all the contact information from your phone, email, social media accounts and even your wallet into a single automated address book that empowers you to build meaningful and profitable connections. CircleBack automatically discovers new contacts, updates data, removes duplicates and saves information from scanned business cards. Integrate CircleBack into your CRM to keep your lead pipeline flowing.


2. Datanyze

Among other things, Datanyze generates technographics that help assess a prospect’s likelihood of buying your product at a specific time window based on its prior purchasing/subscription behavior. You can have it crawl a prospect’s website to detect the technologies, software, and platforms the prospect uses; and whether it uses your competitor’s services and for how long.


3. Engagio

B2B sales professionals need a thorough understanding of each organization they engage, especially when it comes to the hierarchy of decision makers who approve purchases. Engagio focuses on this niche, providing a suite of account-based sales solutions that 1) pull CRM data, 2) correlates leads to accounts, 3) activate marketing automations, 4) measure engagement impact, and 5) provide insight on how best to execute subsequent moves.


4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Nearly everybody worth your time is on LinkedIn. The platform’s Sales Navigator helps you pump your pipeline with new leads and build relationships with prospects. It can help you find the right referrals so you can approach a new contact with confidence. Through LinkedIn’s native messaging, Sales Navigator also serves as an alternative way (to email and phone calls) of reaching out to executives.


5. Outreach

Get your email campaigns in order. Outreach helps you track, pace, analyze and automate your email and voice messages to your customers. By integrating Outreach into your CRM, you’ll never have to manually log your messaging activities and outcomes, freeing more time for you to book more meetings, close deals and make better-informed decisions.


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