How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile (And Then Target Them)

The Ideal Customer Profile is the first step in an effective prospecting. To concentrate on prospects with the highest potential, each company can define its Ideal Customer Profile. Why and how to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? You will find the answer in this great article from SalesHacker!


 For businesses of any size, building an outbound sales strategy can be tough to accomplish. You can go top down, bottom up, or direct to your most likely buyer. But how do you go to your most likely buyer if you don’t even know who they are? Before you go hay wire with your outbound strategy, I’ll share how to define your ideal customer profile and then target them.


Top Down Sales Strategy


First you go find the information for the VP of Marketing or CMO, then you email asking them to refer down to the position you should be talking to.


You can also get the VPM/CMO excited about what you’re selling but odds are you won’t have their attention long enough to get your point across.


Therefore it works well to aim high and get referred downwards. Their boss is literally telling them to talk to you, so this tactic can work well at times.


Bottom Up Sales Strategy


I used this at Udemy when trying to get a BD deal done with Pearson Education. You aim lower in the organization, for us it was at their authors, to get people excited so they can report their excitement up the chain.


If you get enough buy-in from the bottom level you can usually get the higher ups to give your produce/service a real solid look.


This works well for selling into salespeople. Make their lives easier or more productive and they’ll sometimes tell their bosses, “it’s so good that if the company doesn’t pay for it, we’ll come out of pocket.”


Direct to the Most Probable Decision Maker

For sponsorship deals with large companies, I’ve figured out that I need to go directly to the Field Marketing Manager. Knowing this saves me a ton of time because I don’t need to be intro’d in to anything or work my way up the chain.


I know who the decision maker is and I can access them directly. I can choose to employ the other strategies as well, but I don’t need to play any games here.


You can also connect with multiple people in an organization at the same time, and engage the “deal triangle” by hitting all three. This can backfire but it depends on your messaging and your product. Try this at your own risk.


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