How the Digital Generation is Killing the Cold Call (and other communications)

September 6, 2017

“The telephone survey, it's cheesy and digital, is the top.” Have you ever heard that? Even in the age of internet and e-mail, the phone is still an indispensable tool for sale. Of course, digital is an incredible opportunity for your marketing. In terms of prospecting, digital is fantastic! It makes things impossible otherwise. However, phoning is always essential, it has many advantages in combination with your digital campaigns. Have a look to this article from Linkedin!


Is it just me or is anyone else receiving an influx or ‘cold call’ sales pitches via LinkedIn, email and other digital channels?  I find it more annoying than telemarketers because I can’t hang up. This one came in this morning and sent me over the edge.


“Hey Nora?”  I don’t even know you so please skip the informal tone, and certainly do not scold me for not returning your first grating pitch.  “Real quick?” Did you even notice that I oversee communications? If you don’t know what an adverb is or can’t pass a sixth grade grammar test, perhaps you have made a poor vocational choice. I won’t attach it, but she did send a giant color picture of her face. Maybe she is looking for dates instead of clients.


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