Overcoming Sales Rejection: How To Turn Failure Into Opportunity Every Single Time

September 15, 2017

No one likes rejection, but we all know that it is part of a seller's daily life. An agent who does not receive rejection is probably sleeping on the job! The way in which rejection is treated differentiates an average seller from a good seller. You approach rejection as a closed door? Read this article from SalesHacker to overcome the rejection of sales!


Overcoming sales rejection is a real challenge for some salespeople. The thought of losing a deal can be absolutely gut wrenching. But let’s focus on winning for a second.


There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of closing a sale. For me, it’s like winning a poker hand at a table of 8 other players. Sometimes you can have the strongest hand and still lose or you can win with the weakest hand. It’s all about timing and knowing who you’re dealing with. And most of the time, losing a few hands doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t ultimately win the entire tournament.


Don’t Let Sales Rejection Suck The Life Out Of You


For many, it’s normal to doubt yourself when you encounter that one person who rips you apart or when you start to see your numbers drop.


The point in sales is not to be a small fish in the big sea of “many.” Instead, learn how to turn every rejection into a fruitful opportunity.

Here’s how to recover from pitch rejections, use them in your favor, and rock your sales goals.


Are You Sure You Got A Definitive “No?”


Before you go down that road of determining how to deal with sales rejection, it’s useful to ask yourself a few times: Are you sure your pitch was declined?


Sometimes a reply along the lines of “We don’t have the budget for that at this time” actually means just that.


Consider asking when budgets will be reconsidered at that company.  Or, if a reply consists of “we already have a solution,” consider asking them which solution and figure out if their contracts are up soon.


To read more: https://www.saleshacker.com/overcoming-sales-rejection/


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