Social Media = Sales

September 29, 2017

Every year, business investment in social networks is continually increasing! Do you think that social networks have a real and calculable impact on sales? In this  great article from Linkedin you will find an analysis of the link between social networks and sales and some tips to improve your experience on social networks.


With the fast-paced development and growth of social media platforms in the most recent years, a topic that has become very interesting to me personally is how these platforms affect businesses. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any of the other hundreds of social medias available to the public today, almost every business has a social media presence. These businesses use these platforms to create a connection with clients and customers that has never been possible until the development of increasingly popular social media platform. It enables customers to feel more connected with the businesses they interact with on social media when they can comment back and forth on Instagram or see behind-the-scenes snapchats. Social media interactions like these are creating a whole new level of customer-company relations.


          As an employee in a retail boutique, it has become highly intriguing to me to observe and somewhat experiment with how these interactions and connections correlate with the amount of traffic and sales. Each day that I work, one of my tasks is to post a “story” on the store’s Snapchat account. I create posts that advertise our daily sales, highlight outfits using various pieces of clothing in the store, and create “outfit inspiration” from celebrities’ outfits that match outfits carried in the local store I am employed at. Each day that these are posted, I am thrilled by how many customers come into the store and say, “I saw this on Snapchat and just had to come buy it!” Snapchat’s popularity is growing substantially each day, and by using it for business promotion, it creates a more personal and accessible connection which encourages customers to feel more engaged with the company.  It is obvious that the store’s customer traffic and sales are greatly increased with the use of social media, and this goes for companies worldwide who have created social media presences for themselves.


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