Top four ways beverage brands are refashioning can design

October 23, 2017

The world of drinks is full of innovative solutions and creativity. The beverage industry is evolving to change the way consumers look at soda, beer, juice, and other beverage categories… Look at this great and short article from FoodBev Media.


With consumers shifting towards healthier beverages and governments introducing sugary drink taxes, brands are innovating their packaging to achieve standout on shelf. In particular can designs are being catered for individual markets, demographics and tastes. Here are four of the best innovations we’ve seen in the past few months.



Colour-changing inks


The size of the thermochromic materials market is expected to double in the next seven years and the trend is prevalent in aluminium can packaging as companies aim to differentiate their products. Thermochromic inks change colour in response to increases or reductions in temperature and are used by drinks producers to show when a beverage is at its optimum temperature for consumption.


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